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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine with Large Cuff 22-42cm for Home Use | DAWEI

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine with Large Cuff 22-42cm for Home Use | DAWEI

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Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine BP Cuff Machine, Most Accurate Automatic Blood Pressure Reader Kit with Large Cuff 22-42cm, Sphygmomanometer for Home Use.


1.Clinically Validated Accuracy, Compliant With AAMI Standards, Reliable Accuracy Backed by Medical-Grade Expertise.

Say goodbye to worries about inaccurate readings, as our monitor is built upon a foundation of expertise and precision, crafted by a team of seasoned professionals who have been dedicated to developing medical-grade products since 2006. 

2.Long-Lasting 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery, Fully Charged Can Measure More Than 260 Times.

Much higher than other 200mAh, no need to charge frequently!
Or Powered by 4 x AA batteries for convenience.

3.Two cuff size options, suitable for arm circumferences 22-36cm (8.7-14.2 inches) or 22-42cm (8.7-16.5 inches), ensuring a comfortable fit for various arm sizes.

4.Just the right amount of velcro and won't stick to everything around you when using it!

5.Large 4.8-inch LCD backlit display screen for clear and easy-to-read measurements.

6.With 2 * 99 Memory. 

Two User Mode, allowing you and your loved ones to track your blood pressure separately.
Memory storage for up to 99 readings per user, enabling you to monitor and track your progress over time.

7. Multilingual Professional Clear Audio Voice Broadcast, support four-level volume adjustment, support one button mute.
8. Cuff wear status prompt: display icons if the cuff is correctly wrapped.
9. Mis-operation reminder: When the body moves during measurement, an alert icon appears.
10. Irregular pulse wave alert: When the alert icon appears, the measurement data may be abnormal, please re-measure.



Pressure measurement range: (0-67) kPa [(0-280) mmHg].

Accuracy: within ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa).

Pulse rate measurement range: (40-199) bpm/min.

Accuracy: within ±5 of the reading.


Display resolution: 0.133kPa (1mmHg).

It’s a compact, fully automatic upper arm blood pressure measurement machine from bp instrument supplier, operating on the oscillometric principle, and cooperate with high-precision pressure sensor and professional blood pressure algorithm.

Scope of application
This blood pressure meter is for measuring human blood pressure and pulse (adults over 12 years old, not applicable to newborns).


  • Blood Pressure Monitor *1
  • Blood Pressure Cuff (for 22-36cm or 22-42cm) *1
  • USB Type-C Cable (1.5m) *1
  • User Manual *1
  • Portable Bag *1
  • 4 x AA batteries ( ONLY for AA models)


Standard parameters
Configuration FS59 FS59AA FS39 FS39AA
Screen size 4.8-inch
Battery 1000mAh Rechargeable
lithium battery
4 x AA
1000mAh Rechargeable
lithium battery
4 x AA
Number of keys 5 5 3 3
User switching
Storage memory 2 * 99
Average of the last 3 measurements
Pressure measurement range and accuracy 0~280 mmHg, ±3mmHg
Pulse rate measurement range and accuracy (40~199) bpm/min,  ±5 of the reading
Cuff size 22-36cm (8.7-14.2 inches) or 22-42cm (8.7-16.5 inches)
Audio Voice Broadcast
Four-level volume adjustment
One button mute
Type-C interface
Cuff wear status prompt
Mis-operation reminder
Irregular pulse wave alert
Machine size 150*103*78(L*W*H)±2mm
Package size 157*127*122(L*W*H)±2mm
Net weight 345g 340g 345g 340g
Gross weight 0.6kg 0.65kg 0.6kg 0.65kg


Can I purchase in bulk and is there any discount?
  • Yes, we can offer discounts for bulk purchases, and we also support OEM/ODM services.
Does it support customization?
  • Yes, the customized content is as follows
Support customization
Machine color
Interface language display
Broadcast voice language
Cuffed air guide tube length
  • For details, please kindly contact customer service.



How to Viewing Blood Pressure Test Record?

When the power is off, press the Memory button to display the average value of the last three tests.

Press the left or right button to view the related measurement data.

The unit can display the average value as well as the measurement results of 99X2 groups.


Please go to the restroom beforehand before measurement.

Please sit in a room with a suitable temperature to measure your blood pressure.

Please do not measure immediately after eating, drinking, smoking, exercising and showering, and wait for at least 30 minutes before starting the measurement.

Please rest for at least 15 minutes before taking the measurement. For continuous measurement, please wait at least two minutes between measurements.

Non-invasive blood pressure testing is not appropriate in the following cases:

1.Severe hypertension: systolic blood pressure > 250 mmHg.

  Blood flow cannot be completely blocked, cuff may be continuously inflated, no blood pressure can be measured.

2.Severe hypotension: systolic blood pressure < 50-60 mmHg.

  Automatic pressure measurement takes time (2 minutes), blood pressure is too low to continuously display instantaneous changes in blood pressure, and the cuff may be inflated repeatedly.

3.Patients with sudden rises and falls in blood pressure.  

4.Cardiac surgery and various critical patients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Jeanson
Testing in the comfort of home

I have been using this unit since it arrived at my house Oct 30 /23. The hospital staff told me when I had my accident that my BP was188/118 and that I need to monitor for two weeks daily at home. Three Tims a day since then, It's a little above normal. No stress or anxiety at home results in lower more normal readings. I am over 60 years old, and I highly recommend this device as part of your healthy way of living. One other plus, you can take it with you on your travels.

The best BP monitor I've used

Very easy to use, one big button to get your measurement, and seems as accurate as you're going to get with a home machine - having compared it to my usual tests at the GP surgery. Displays Systolic, Diastolic and Heart Rate, and also shows irregular pulse if detected. This reading was taken after my coffee and is always a bit higher than before but not bad for a 53 year old, probably thanks to my amazing Mediterranean diet courtesy of my other half. I also do intermittent fasting every day, so one or two meals a day and no breakfast, but it's fascinating to see what your BP is like at certain points of the day, and after tennis, walking, eating etc. Get one!