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Hospital Clinic Health Care Center Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner K500 | DAWEI

Hospital Clinic Health Care Center Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner K500 | DAWEI



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Product Name: Brand New CE Certified Portable Laptop Black And White Ultrasound Diagnostic System K500

Transducer Applications
Convex Array *Recommended Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology
Transvaginal Endovaginal, OB/GYN
Trans-rectal Urology
Micro-Convex Array Pediatrics
Linear Array *Recommended Small Parts, Vascular, Musculoskeletal, Superficial
4D volume OB/GYN
Phased array Cardiology

DW-500 Clinical image

The DW-500 model has the following features makes it flexibility to apply to various complex environments:

1) Full digital system (no Windows OS), no need to network, it can be used immediately as long as the machine has power.

2) It comes with 8800 mAh lithium battery, which can last 4-6 hours under normal conditions.

3) Laptop style and the net weight is only 4.7kg, which is very convenient to carry and transfer.

4) Its convex array probe has 96 elements, which means better image quality in its class.

5)This model is suitable for most common applications and can be equipped with convex array, linear array, micro-convex array, trans-vaginal, and trans-rectal transducers.
Rich measurement features: distance, perimeter, area, volume, obstetric table measurement.

6) The machine body has one probe interface, but can be equipped with docking station, which two probes can both be inserted into it at the same time.
If more than two probes are commonly used, when switching probes, it is necessary to pull out the previous probe after shutting down, insert the new probe, and then restart the power supply.
After the docking station is equipped, different probes can be easily switched to quickly apply to different body parts inspection.

7) It can record the freezed image by a [Save] button, and there are also a [Review] button on the panel to view the saved image one by one or directly jump by inputting the serial number of the image.

8) The body can store 64 pictures, or you can use a USB flash drive to expand the capacity and easily transfer pictures to the computer. 

9) Support photo printing and regular printing, install the workstation software we provide on the computer, connect the computer to the ultrasound machine (with video interface), and finally realize the printing function.

DW-K500 Black And White Ultrasound Imaging System

☑️As a new b&w ultrasound machine, the diagnosis of lesions was more accurate, ensured the ease of examination and consultation in different environments.
☑️HD display for easy adjustment.
☑️Backlit silicone keyboard, more comfortable and wear-resistant, darkroom no longer worry.
☑️Display puncture guide line, adjustable Angle and position.
☑️Rich measurement features: distance, perimeter, area, volume, obstetric table measurement, heart package.
☑️Super long endurance up to 4-6 hours, users can consult in cities, towns, outdoors and other environments.

☑️First-class digital imaging technology, clearer image:
☑️Full-digital beam imaging technology
☑️Real-time dynamic receiving focus point by point
☑️Real-time dynamic sound velocity changed
☑️High-accuracy DSC Digital image formation technology
☑️Intelligentized 8-segment TGC adjustment
☑️Progressive SMT components technology to ensure machine reliability.


K500 laptop ultrasound machine: Flexible and convenient operating system
A type of high array, high definition, multi-function full-digital real 96elements laptop ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus.

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