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ICU CCU Ambulances Portable Vital Signs 6-Parameter Patient Monitor HM10 | DAWEI

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ICU CCU Ambulances Portable Vital Signs 6-Parameter Patient Monitor HM10 | DAWEI

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ICU CCU Portable Vital Signs 6-Parameter Medical Monitor HM10

Features and advantages

Monitoring scope HR, ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP, CO2 (optional).
  1. 1024*768 color LCD display, full viewing angle display, 10-level brightness adjustment;
  2. The vertical button layout on the right side satisfies the quick operation of various scenarios;
  3. 30-second blood pressure measurement, performance, function, all-around;
  4. ECG 12-coreanti-interference socket design;
  5. There are three filtering modes of monitoring, diagnosis and surgery, to satisfy various scenarios;
  6. There are more than three ways to enter the alarm limit setting, and there is no need to operate too much for newly received patients;
  7. Support fast import/export of USB configuration to meet the needs of different departments;
  8. Large storage capacity: it can meet the data storage requirements of continuous patient monitoring for at least 960 hours;
  9. With blood pressure STAT measurement mode, it will automatically exit after 5 minutes of continuous measurement;
  10. With automatic blood pressure measurement interval time adjustment above level 10, to meet the needs of different patients for monitoring;
  11. Operation interface in more than 5 languages; convenient operation of patient information entry\delete\save;
  12. 20 kinds of arrhythmia event alarms, support ST segment analysis function;
  13. Trigger the printing function, record every abnormality in time; improve the communication efficiency between nurses and doctors (optional);
  14. Double overpressure protection of blood pressure software and hardware to ensure patient safety; six groups of data are displayed on the same screen, and trend analysis is clear at a glance;
  15. Super long alarm light, 360-degree visibility, easier to monitor patient status information;
  16. The alarm sound and the pulse rate sound are independent, the pulse rate sound continues to respond when the alarm is muted, and the alarm sound can be activated normally when the pulse rate sound is muted;
  17. The waveform display has two ways of curve and filling to meet the needs of different departments;
  18. Large-capacity built-in lithium battery, continuous working time ≥ 300 minutes;
  19. When the waveform screen is frozen, the real-time parameters are continuously displayed in the parameter area; the frozen waveform can be viewed forward and backward along the time axis.
  20. Anti-defibrillation, anti-electric knife, anti-power grid, anti-myoelectric and other interference;
  21. Low battery alarm, no data loss at critical moments;
  22. Support USB firmware upgrade outside the machine, get rid of local restrictions.

 Configuration Options

Standard Configuration:

ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate;

Standard Accessories: five-lead wire*1, body surface temperature probe*1, blood oxygen probe*1, blood pressure extension tube*1, blood pressure cuff*1, power cord, disposable electrode pads*25 pieces;

Optional Configuration:

printer, main stream/side stream ETCO2, etc.

Optional Accessories: trolley, wall bracket, etc.;

HM10 model Packing Size: 40*28*35cm, Net weight: 3KG, gross weight: 5.8KG. 

Technical Parameter

Please Note: Accessories such as trolleys need to be purchased together with the machine, and additional shipping will be charged for separate purchases (estimated between 300-600 US dollars)

Product Comparison Chart for ICU Patient Monitors 

From US$1479
From US$1099
From US$869
Display Size 13.3-inch 12.1-inch 12.1-inch
Display Resolution 1366*768 1280*800 1024*768
Capacitive Touch Screen Standard Optional Optional Resistive Screen
Battery Life 7H 5H 5H
Screen Capture Function Standard Optional Not Support
HDMI Output Standard Optional Not Support
Parameter board Fully discrete module Six in one Six in one
ECG Module Independent Integrated Integrated
Blood Oxygen Module Independent Integrated Integrated
Masimo SpO2 Optional Optional Not Support
Blood Pressure Module Independent Integrated Integrated
Suntech Blood Pressure Optional Optional Not Support
CO2 Mainstream Support Support Support
CO2 By-Stream Support Support Support
IBP Module Optional Not Support Not Support
Nurse Call Standard Optional Optional
Central Monitoring System Optional Optional Optional
Internet Connection/LAN port Support Optional Optional
ECG Leads 5 Leads 7 Leads
On The Same Screen
5 Leads 7 Leads
On The Same Screen
5 Leads 7 Leads
On The Same Screen
ECG Monitoring Range 15-350BPM 15-350BPM 15-350BPM
SpO2 Measurement Range 0%-100% 0%-100% 0%-100%
NIBP Measurement 0-300mmHg 0-300mmHg 0-300mmHg
History Review 1200H 1200H 960H
Printing Module Optional Optional Optional
WIFI Optional Optional Optional
Net Weight 3.4Kg 3.25Kg 3.05Kg
Gross Weight 5.6Kg 5.4Kg 5.2Kg
Main unit Size 334±1Mm(L)*155±1Mm(D)*255±1Mm(H)
Overall Size 390±1Mm(L)*290±1Mm(D)*340±1Mm(H)

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