Patient Monitor

It can be connected with the central monitoring system through wired and wireless ways to carry out remote control and monitoring, which can effectively reduce the working intensity of medical staff


Yes, We have 32 years Aloca Japan and more than 18 years Medison from South Korea. The picture is little better on Medison than on your machine. My wife thinks that her settings is not good enough. as, when she tested it in hotel in Shanghai, she was very happy with picture quality

Product is very convenient to use, Easy to operate, has minimal technical errors

Works super without breakdowns from 2018 up to now(No single engineer has touch it for repair)

I'm very satisfied with Dawei sales and service Department spacially with Mr Henry

We already puchased L3 unit and we are very satisfied and looking for to purchase more unit's from Dawei

We no longer deal with Siemens because cost is to much for our level!

Dawei is a New entry to me as user. I find it good value for monry

Philips is better because is it's strong a and durable

I like the DW500 because of its portability, it's a good machine too

Is working perfectly dear

I did introduce your products to my brother and now he is having one, now


Research and development

Dawei has grown into a modern, globally active medical technology company. R & D is always the first priority of Dawei Medical. In recent years, the R&D department has been constantly expanding and strengthening its staff.

Continuously improve the interests of users

Our products conform to product-specific standards and specifications and will continue to be improved to keep us in line with standards and the latest technology.

Customer service

When life depends on proper diagnosis and professional treatment, you need equipment that can provide confidence. This requires trusted partners to help and ensure the system is running, to train employees and to optimize processes. Therefore, you can focus on providing answers.