Who we are?

For over 18 years, Dawei has been at the forefront as a global pioneer in the development, production, and distribution of medical equipment. Our mission remains centered on preserving human health and fostering greater worldwide accessibility and affordability in healthcare. Originating with diagnostic ultrasound technology solutions, we've expanded our portfolio to encompass a diverse array of products—from ultrasound scanners, ECG machines, patient monitors, to DRs, and home healthcare equipment. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products consistently meet the most stringent standards and specifications, continuously integrating the latest technological advancements.

Dawei Medical currently serves users and collaborates with third-party partners across over 160 countries and regions. With exports exceeding 100,000 units, our equipment has positively impacted over 5 million patients globally, spanning medical diagnostics, clinical monitoring, and digital medical services. Leveraging 18 years of extensive experience in medical technology and boasting over 1000 patents, our offerings are embraced by numerous international OEM customers seeking to enhance their product range. They benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise in product development, manufacturing, and marketing.

We're here to evolve alongside your needs, fostering growth hand in hand. Count on us for dependable services that not only meet your immediate requirements but also underpin your enduring business triumphs.

Research and development

Dawei has emerged as a contemporary, globally engaged medical technology enterprise, with Research and Development consistently taking precedence at Dawei Medical.

In recent years, our R&D division has seen continuous expansion and reinforcement of its team. Spanning over 10,000 square meters, our existing R&D facility houses over 50 dedicated staff members, annually filing for more than 20 patents. R&D investment constitutes 12% of our total sales volume and steadily increases by 1% each year. In crafting new products, Dawei places immense value on user feedback, prioritizing collaboration and communication. We firmly believe that a superior product earns commendation through user satisfaction. Alongside pioneering innovations, we maintain an unwavering commitment to refining our existing product line, ensuring continual enhancements. Throughout all stages of development, precision, stability, and uncompromising quality remain our steadfast principles.


Numerous international OEM customers integrate Dawei products to complement their product portfolio. Collaborating closely, these partners engage with us to conceptualize their products and leverage our extensive experience across product development, manufacturing, and marketing.

The solution you seek might already exist or require tailored adjustments to various components. Dawei's development division encompasses the entire spectrum of the innovation journey, from conceptualization to market assimilation.

Within our manufacturing center, skilled engineers and technicians specialize in crafting precision tools for the medical industry, adept at executing intricate tasks. Sustaining this high level of expertise, we actively invest in the continual training and education of our employees, benefiting both our team and our valued customers and partners.

Dawei steadfastly adheres to stringent quality systems, ensuring all products attain CE and ISO certifications. Quality isn't just a standard; it's the essence of Dawei. As your reliable partner, reach out to us for dependable solutions.

Customer service

When critical diagnoses and professional treatments are paramount, reliable equipment becomes essential to instill confidence. Trusted partners play a crucial role in ensuring seamless system operations, employee training, and process optimization, allowing you to focus on delivering solutions.

At Dawei Healthcare, we deeply value our role as your partner. We stand ready to evolve alongside your needs, providing steadfast services that underpin your sustained business success.

Our adept service team and clinical engineering experts specialize in tailoring brand-specific, technological, and device-specific technical solutions, offering customized integration services to address unique customer requirements. Presently, we serve over 3,000 medical institutions across 160 countries and regions, offering a range of over 10,000 medical devices. With manufacturing centers, service hubs, and partners strategically located worldwide, the collective expertise of over 1,000 engineers, technicians, and customer service specialists enables us to swiftly grasp your needs and resolve issues through the most efficient processes.


 Continuously improve the interests of users

We ensure our products align with precise product-specific standards and specifications, consistently enhancing them to remain at the forefront of industry standards and technological advancements. Adhering to the CE and ISO 13485 standards, we meticulously conduct risk management across all stages of the product life cycle, prioritizing the safety of users and stakeholders.

Renowned for their exceptional reliability and high quality, our medical products undergo rigorous certification processes, this certification guarantees top-tier quality and reliability every time you invest in Dawei products.