Ultrasound scanner DW-KT6 - FAQs and tips


1)On the left side of the fuselage, there is a DISC insert. Is it for CD or DVD ?

This is the CD-ROM drive, used to burn discs, and can also read the CD-ROM drive of the printer.

2)  Can I transfer images through the USB port ?

Absolutely it can transfer images through the USB port. Insert the usb flash drive into the USB port, you can transfer the pictures in the machine to the usb flash drive.
There are Delete and Share buttons, Select a picture and click the Share button, and there will be shared channels, including the inserted usb flash drive.

3) How will I conduct this machine?

✅Operation instruction video, various documents including parameters and brochures
✅Our after-sales engineers are responsible for each machine sold, and provide free training for customers who do not know how to use the machine.
✅The training is usually conducted online through WhatsApp or zoom.
✅Lifetime after-sales | We will also provide assistance if you have any questions during use.

4) Does it works without internet?

All of our ultrasound machines can work without the internet.

-DW-KT6 is a system embedded with Windows 8, it can also work without the internet.
-We recommend that this ultrasound machine be used without internet connection, because the ultrasound software of the machine will be killed by mistake because of the Internet connection.
-The ultrasound machine does not have WiFi function.
-The built-in Windows system can be used to drive installation, software upgrades, etc.