Blood Pressure Monitor - FAQs and Tips

Can I purchase in bulk and is there any discount?
  • Yes, we can offer discounts for bulk purchases, and we also support OEM/ODM services.
Does it support customization?
  • Yes, the customized content is as follows
Support customization
Machine color
Interface language display
Broadcast voice language
Cuffed air guide tube length
  • For details, please kindly contact customer service.



How to Viewing Blood Pressure Test Record?

When the power is off, press the Memory button to display the average value of the last three tests.

Press the left or right button to view the related measurement data.

The unit can display the average value as well as the measurement results of 99X2 groups.


Please go to the restroom beforehand before measurement.

Please sit in a room with a suitable temperature to measure your blood pressure.

Please do not measure immediately after eating, drinking, smoking, exercising and showering, and wait for at least 30 minutes before starting the measurement.

Please rest for at least 15 minutes before taking the measurement. For continuous measurement, please wait at least two minutes between measurements.

Non-invasive blood pressure testing is not appropriate in the following cases:

1.Severe hypertension: systolic blood pressure > 250 mmHg.

  Blood flow cannot be completely blocked, cuff may be continuously inflated, no blood pressure can be measured.

2.Severe hypotension: systolic blood pressure < 50-60 mmHg.

  Automatic pressure measurement takes time (2 minutes), blood pressure is too low to continuously display instantaneous changes in blood pressure, and the cuff may be inflated repeatedly.

3.Patients with sudden rises and falls in blood pressure.  

4.Cardiac surgery and various critical patients.

Scope of application
This blood pressure meter is for measuring human blood pressure and pulse (adults over 12 years old, not applicable to newborns).