Who has the final say on the quality of medical equipment products?

Who has the final say on the quality of medical equipment products?

Under normal circumstances, the effect of medical equipment is greatly related to the experience and technique of the operating physician; and the medical equipment will be professionally tested before being sold; at the same time, the purchaser will have his own evaluation. So, who is in charge of the quality of medical equipment products?


For companies, customer satisfaction determines whether customers will buy back, so customers have a great say in the quality of the product.


The degree of customer satisfaction is determined not only by objective factors such as quality and price, but also subjective preferences and operating habits. Just like users who are accustomed to the Iphone interface, they will always find it difficult to use when using an Android phone. Even for many laymen, a high-priced product is a good-quality product.


Therefore, companies will give up part of the trade-off. For example, leading companies in the medical device industry, GE, Siemens, etc., their products almost lead the development of the entire industry, with excellent quality, but their prices are also among the best in the entire industry. Some customers with limited economic conditions can only watch from afar, but turn to more cost-effective products. At this time, it is impossible to say which product is good and which product is not good, because both products meet the needs of corresponding customers.


The quality of medical equipment products is determined by the corresponding customer groups, and different customers have different needs and concerns. What companies need to do is to continuously update and improve product quality and continuously optimize after-sales service.

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