Why choose to change the equipment brand?

Why choose to change the equipment brand?

Recently, one of our customers is very special. He used ultrasound systems from other manufacturers, but he chose to change the brand when the equipment was updated. Why?


Kenya, known as the "Animal Kingdom", has a large population and a large gap between the rich and the poor.


Kenyan medical insurance is paid by the insured individual, and the government and employers do not bear any costs. According to Kenya's official statistics, the total population of Kenya is about 47.56 million (2019), and the National Medical Insurance Fund covers about 8.5 million people, with a coverage rate of less than 20%. Many ordinary people are impoverished because they cannot afford medical needs.


Medical for all is listed as one of Kenya's "Four Major Development Plans". In recent years, the proportion of medical financial expenditure in total financial expenditure has been increasing; hospitals and registered medical staff have been increasing, and the demand for medical equipment has also been increasing. Driven by the huge market demand, many medical companies are also pouring into the Kenyan market, but many customers are often hesitating because of good image quality and price. Therefore, a high-quality, low-cost device is more conducive to Kenya’s Developing countries with relatively backward economies have reached the goal of universal medical care.


After evaluating our machine, the customer is very satisfied and can meet its many clinical application needs.

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