What is the relationship between customers and corporations?

What is the relationship between customers and corporations?

The relationship between enterprises and customers, contradictory or mutually beneficial?

From the perspective of customers, many people always say that customers are deceived by clever merchants; there are also people who are from the perspective of enterprises, just a pure business relationship with customers. In fact, any company that hopes to last for a long time and grow continuously will definitely establish a long-term, non-manipulative, and trusted sales relationship with its customers, rather than a fraudulent one-off sale.

The picture is a grateful message from a customer, thanks for our products and services for meeting their needs, and also we are appreciated that this customer gave us the opportunity to show our products’ advantages. It was the efforts of both parties that allowed this cooperation to be reached, and it may lead to the long-term cooperation in the future.

Jobs said: "What I can give you is the best", and what Dawei can give you is the best by every effort.
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