Puncture biopsy: Ultrasound has many advantages over CT

Puncture biopsy: Ultrasound has many advantages over CT

Compared with CT, ultrasound-guided puncture biopsy has many advantages. It enables real-time vascular imaging, dynamic observation of the movement of the target area, safety and no radiation, short operation time, no need to control breathing, and multi-dimensional imaging capabilities.


  • The combination of color Doppler and 2D ultrasound to visualize blood vessels is another important advantage of ultrasound-guided technology, reducing the potential risk of bleeding in important vessels.


  • Ultrasound multidimensional imaging capability can design a relatively safe puncture path for needle biopsy.


  • The convenience of carrying ultrasound is of great benefit to the development of bedside work in critically ill patients, and the operation time is short, which reduces the risk of iatrogenic pneumothorax.


  • Ultrasound-guided techniques are not only used in superficial structures of the neck, but also in deep ones.


Still, ultrasound has its limitations. In lung and bone puncture biopsy, due to the high attenuation coefficient of the lung and the presence of acoustic impedance at the gas-soft tissue, gas-liquid level, and bone interface, the ultrasound energy is attenuated, so CT is a better choice. When the patient is obese, the lesion is deep in the skin, or the lesion is not detected by ultrasound, CT-guided puncture can better evaluate the targeted area.


In conclusion, ultrasound-guided needle biopsy is safe, rapid, minimally invasive, effective, and reproducible. It can visualize blood vessels in real time, and has multi-dimensional imaging capabilities, especially for those with small masses and inconspicuous morphological features. , Color Doppler ultrasound combined with ultrasound-guided needle biopsy can greatly improve the early diagnosis rate of the mass, and it has important guiding significance for early clinical prevention and treatment.

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