Difference between 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D Ultrasound Scanning

Difference between 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D Ultrasound Scanning

As we all know, ultrasound scanning is an essential clinical tool that is widely applied. If you’re intending to buy ultrasound machine, and still confused about differences between 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D, today this article will give you an explanation. 

2D Ultrasound

2D Ultrasound is the traditional black and white ultrasound that produce two-dimensional monochrome images. An operator can move the probe in different positions in order to capture images on different planes, but it will still only be a flat image.


An example of 2D ultrasound machine is K500

more clearer, delicate and smooth image, convenient to operate.

3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound is an advancement of 2D ultrasound taking the technology a step further. By gathering volume data using special probes and acquiring reflected waves at different angles, 3D ultrasounds can create three-dimensional still-images with high-speed computing software.


4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasound enables live streaming of 3D images. In other words, 4D ultrasounds are essentially 3D ultrasounds in movement,allowing people to view the live motion of fetal movement, the blood flow from the heart, and other motion of internal organs.

DW-K6DW-KT6 as an example,  excellent imaging technology, ultrasound image accurate display, widely used in the abdomen, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics/neonatology, superficial tissue, musculoskeletal, heart, etc. 

5D Ultrasound

2D scans capture axial images, 3D relies on gathering volume data, 4D combines time and volume scans, whereas 5D changes the workflow to try and automate the process to maximum efficiency. 5D ultrasound technology aims to make the process less time consuming by auto-populating the results after a scan. 5D ultrasound scanning is also better for examining the heart and other organs, allowing several different views to be created simultaneously. This new technology is allowing doctors to screen and diagnose congenital heart disease, view the central nervous system, and get more accurate measurements.


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I’m delighted I found your blog because my niece just found out she’s pregnant. You mentioned that $D ultrasounds enable users to see the baby’s movement, heartbeat, and other internal organ motions in real-time. I believe that this would be a fantastic way for her to keep track of her child’s growth, therefore I will look into the 4D ultrasound packages available to her. I appreciate you sharing!


Victoria Addington

My favorite part of your blog is when you said that 4D ultrasound allows you to see your baby’s moves as well as check their blood flow from the heart. I will consider this because I am planning to undergo an ultrasound scan next Friday. It will give me peace of mind and joy to see my unborn child move and yawn. https://hopepc.com/services/ultrasound/

Shammy Peterson

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