Casa / Product Comparison Chart for Patient Monitors

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NO. Configuration/Parameters HM12 HM11 HM10
1 Display Size 13.3-inch 12.1-inch 12.1-inch
2 Display Resolution 1366*768 1280*800 1024*768
3 Capacitive Touch Screen Standard Optional Optional Resistive Screen
4 Battery Life 7H 5H 5H
5 Screen Capture Function Standard Optional Not Support
6 HDMI Output Standard Optional Not Support
7 Parameter board Fully discrete module Six in one Six in one
8 ECG Module Independent Integrated Integrated
9 Blood Oxygen Module Independent Integrated Integrated
10 Masimo SpO2 Optional Optional Not Support
11 Blood Pressure Module Independent Integrated Integrated
12 Suntech Blood Pressure Optional Optional Not Support
13 CO2 Mainstream Support Support Support
14 CO2 By-Stream Support Support Support
15 Nurse Call Standard Optional Optional
16 Central Monitoring System Optional Optional Optional
17 Internet Connection Support Optional Optional
18 ECG Leads 5 Leads 7 Leads On The Same Screen 5 Leads 7 Leads On The Same Screen 5 Leads 7 Leads On The Same Screen
19 ECG Monitoring Range 15-350BPM 15-350BPM 15-350BPM
20 SpO2 Measurement Range 0%-100% 0%-100% 0%-100%
21 NIBP Measurement 0-300mmHg 0-300mmHg 0-300mmHg
22 History Review 1200H 1200H 960H
24 Printing Module Optional Optional Optional
25 WIFI Optional Optional Optional
26 Net Weight 3.4Kg 3.25Kg 3.05Kg
27 Gross Weight 5.6Kg 5.4Kg 5.2Kg
28 Main unit Size 334±1Mm(L)*155±1Mm(D)*255±1Mm(H)
29 Overall Size 390±1Mm(L)*290±1Mm(D)*340±1Mm(H)