"Medical Aid Team That Never Leave"

"Medical Aid Team That Never Leave"

Higher maternal and infant mortality rates are a "common problem" in backward countries. Due to the restriction of medical conditions, most pregnant women in backward countries face huge risks in giving birth.

Cambodia has long been plagued by high maternal and infant mortality rates. In recent years,  the Cambodian health department has introduced many incentive measures, such as the well-known "Midwife Nurse Reward Mechanism."

In addition, many international organizations, including the United Nations, have repeatedly sent maternity and child health medical teams to Cambodia for assistance, but they always have to leave, and the "never leave medical assistance team" that can really stay in Cambodia is cost-effective Medical equipment, so as to allow those pregnant women who are struggling to survive on agricultural production to undergo a birth check, so that they can safely conceive and have children.


The picture shows the feedback sent by SAMBO AMATA Clinic, a private hospital in Cambodia, after using a new 5D portable ultrasound instrument specially designed for pregnant women-DW-P5pro. It is Dawei's long-time dream to be able to send a "medical assistance team that never leaves" to Cambodia, and this feedback is a big step on the road to Dawei's realization.

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