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Customer’s feedback

Customer’s feedback


Customers and companies are mutually successful. When I saw a conversation between our salesperson and the customer, my experience of this sentence became more specific.

 This is a customer from Oman. He has bought this machine for 2 years. Although he often contacts us, his sudden message or picture still attracts our attention as always. Dawei attaches great importance to the needs and feedback of each customer, so that we consider every piece of customer information. Therefore, when we learned that such a sudden text message brought gratitude, everyone in Dawei should also be grateful. We are grateful for the trust of customers. It is this kind of support that accompanies Dawei along the way.

 Customers and enterprises are mutually successful, Dawei always firmly believes in this sentence and unremittingly strives to provide customers with better products and services. To achieve customers, but also to achieve ourselves.

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