4 Very Important Reasons Why Vital Signs Monitoring Matters

4 Very Important Reasons Why Vital Signs Monitoring Matters

There’s a reason vital signs include the word vital. Their measurements provide critical information about our bodies.
So, if vital signs are so important, why are so many Americans ignoring them?
Vital signs can be monitored in a medical setting, such as by a doctor or nurse practitioner. However, people can also observe their health levels at home using vital signs monitoring equipment.
Why should vital signs monitoring be at the top of your priority list? We have four reasons. Let’s explore.

1. Assess Your Wellbeing
Your vital signs measure your body’s basic functions. Vitals display a snapshot of what’s going on inside your body. They provide crucial information about your organs.
Therefore, the importance of vital signs monitoring is that it allows medical professionals to assess your wellbeing. Based on the results, a doctor may conduct further tests, diagnose a problem, or suggest lifestyle changes.
The most common vitals checked are body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and height and weight.

2. Prevent Misdiagnosis
When you aren’t feeling well, you tell a doctor how you’re feeling and describe your symptoms. But many medical ailments have overlapping or similar symptoms. Therefore, we rely on vital signs to give medical experts a better insight into what the problem is.
Tracking your vital signs provides medical professionals with concrete information that they use to assess your health and form a correct diagnosis. Without vital signs, misdiagnosis can occur and lead to incorrect treatment.

3. Detect Underlying Health Problems
The scary part about our bodies is sometimes it’s hard to notice when something isn’t right. Silent symptoms of diseases cause medical problems to go undetected for years, making them harder to treat.
But when you know what your normal vital levels should be, it’s easier to identify a problem.
Regularly checking your vital signs allows you to understand what “normal” means for your body. When there are fluctuations, you can take action immediately. Early action leads to more successful treatments.

4. Motivate Lifestyle Changes
Keeping an eye on your vital signs can be the push you need to establish a healthier life.
It’s easy to think your body is fine because it looks good in the mirror or you feel okay. But when you track your vitals, those numbers can motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes to keep your vital signs in check.
Vital signs can signal too much caffeine consumption, high stress, and dehydration. After you acknowledge these problems, you can fix them by replacing bad habits (like drinking four cups of coffee) with healthy alternatives (like substituting coffee with herbal tea).

Vital Signs Monitoring Designed for You
Vital signs monitoring is crucial for living a long and healthy life. Vitals gives us a glimpse into our overall well-being. They signal early signs of an infection, prevent a misdiagnosis, detect symptom-less medical problems, and encourage us to make better choices.
Are you ready to monitor your vital signs? We can help.
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