The MEDICA EXPO 2023 in Germany --- Dawei Medical Products Debut

The MEDICA EXPO 2023 in Germany --- Dawei Medical Products Debut

The Medica EXPO 2023 in Germany is set to be a significant event in the world of medical technology and healthcare, drawing professionals and experts from around the globe.

At the upcoming 2023 Medica Expo in Germany, Dawei is poised to showcase an impressive array of cutting-edge medical equipment. Our product lineup, which includes ultrasound machines, wireless handheld ultrasound probes, ECG machines, patient monitors, digital X-ray machines, and household medical monitors, is designed to offer a myriad of advantages that set us apart from the competition.


Ultrasound Machine

Many types of ultrasound machines of Dawei Medical, such as portable, cart-type, and laptop-type can basically meet the needs of customers from basic models to high-end models. Dawei ultrasound machines use state-of-the-art technology to provide high-resolution imaging and improve diagnostic accuracy. They are user-friendly, ensuring healthcare professionals can perform ultrasound exams efficiently and effectively, contributing to faster diagnosis and improved patient care.


Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe

Wireless handheld ultrasound probes represent a breakthrough in portable imaging equipment. These devices enable healthcare providers to conduct on-site assessments, providing immediate results in emergencies or in remote locations. They are compact and lightweight, and suitable for Android and IOS system, making them an essential tool for healthcare professionals.

Electrocardiograph Machine

The 12-lead ECG machine is designed to be accurate and reliable, providing detailed ECG data. The DE12/ME12 digital electrocardiograph is a new generation ECG solution developed by Dawei Medical using a new intelligent ECG algorithm, humanized design, and improved ECG analysis.

Patient Monitor

The increasingly mature life information and support products demonstrate the high-end technological level of the medical device industry. HD12/HM12 high-end patient monitor, excellent clinical performance brings a new diagnostic experience, complete scientific research and teaching functions, to meet more needs of scientific research and teaching hospitals, high-end embedded chip "fast" confidence - 5 MCU chips, independent Operation, data processing, and further.

Digital X-ray Machine

It is worth mentioning that general imaging DR system, which affects the key performance indicators of medical imaging products, was also unveiled in the exhibition area. Chengying RD-850 series digital X-ray photography system is a digital DR general imaging equipment designed and developed by Dawei Medical

Household Medical Monitor

Dawei home medical devices, including blood pressure monitors, fetal heart rate monitors and more, are easy to use and empower patients to proactively manage their health, enabling early detection of health problems and reducing the need for frequent trips to the hospital. Support the health of every family member.

In recent years, Dawei has accelerated the development of high-quality medical products, and it is imperative to expand the market and deepen professional development. This year, our booth will be in Germany. We hope that with the help of this global flagship medical device exhibition platform, we can further enhance our competitiveness and brand influence in the international medical device market, and continue to support international exchanges, cross-border trade, and multilateral cooperation in the international development of the industry. Develop in-depth in multiple fields and promote the industry to move towards the high end of the global innovation chain industry chain.
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