Be Aware of 5 Common Probe Care Mistakes

Be Aware of 5 Common Probe Care Mistakes

As we all know, ultrasound probes are very expensive and precise insturments, and they are frequnetly used hundred and thousand times. A proper care is very important because the better the condition of a transducer, the better the outcome and safer it is for the patient.


 Here we list 5 common mistakes, let’s check out!

 A Curling Probe Cable

If the probe cable goes uncorrected, it will form memory and will not straighten out. Doing so will eventually result in change a new cable and image quality issues.

Improper Security

An example of improper security is being connected to a unit while soaking in Disinfectant. If the transducer has a hole, it will likely ruin the transducer. Scenarios like this can cause nearly an unlimited of number bad things to happen. Including splashing Disinfectant everywhere if the transducer is flipped out because the system is moved.

Improper Storage

An example of improper storage is storing a transducer in the sink after rinsing the Disinfectant off. If the transducer array strikes the side of the sink it will be damaged. This could happen by bumping the handle and shoving the transducer forward. It is a perfect example of how an uncommon incident can translate into an expensive repair.

Missing the funnel that holds the transducer suspended in the Disinfectant

If this is true, it means that the transducer is resting on its nose (array). Meaning the transducer is one slip away from having a damaged away. Damage may only take a drop of a few inches.

Probe’s membrane has holes all over it and is sponge-like feeling

A membrane that has a sponge-like feeling is most likely a result of using a non-approved cleaner.


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